Historical Note on the life of a settler
in the Seigniory of Argenteuil


We have a lot of information on the Seigniors and other famous
and rich inhabitants of the Seigniory of Argenteuil but
we know very little about the settlers
who participated actively by developing their lands.

Nevertheless, Mrs Renée Gauthier wrote a book about her family.
It tells the story of her ancestors who lived for many years in Argenteuil.

Her excellent book (212 pages) can be bought by special order to the author
for $30 (Canadian) plus shipping and handling at the following address :

Madame Renée Gauthier
23 Place Clément
Québec J0P 1M0


We could also invert those names without distinction. Who knows the real name and the
origin of this “Black” couple who settled in the seigniory of Argenteuil in 1804? Why are
their descendants all “White”? In this well illustrated book, we discover the life of those
pionneers including many anecdotes that we discovered while researching.
This family’s history is told from one generation to the other in direct line, starting
with James Robinson also known as Jacque Robertson and his wife Marie Trottier;
their son Joseph, their grandson Narcisse and their great-grandson
Wilfrid and his numerous descendants.

This book doesn’t give the answers to all our questions but it lets us share our
knowledge of the family and its many members throughout
the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

Renée Gauthier

Book recommanded by the Count Alain Chebroux.


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