Another form of aid: The micro loan

The micro loan is another form of helping people.

People with very low incomes and women

The typical beneficiary of microcredit services is a low-income person
who do not have access to traditional financial institutions because they can not fill
the conditions required by these institutions.
Women are traditionally the first to benefit from adequate financial services.
Indeed, they represent the vast majority of the poorest beneficiaries.
In addition, studies show that the projects run by women
investments are reliable and durable.

Micro entrepreneurs

Micro-entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs from populations
economically isolated, geographically or socially.
They live mostly in the small traders,
street vendors, artisans, farmers or processors.
They are in precarious situations.
They usually have a level of education and training rather low.
Each of them has, however, expertise, and need a microcredit
to develop a small business and earn revenue on a regular basis.


To the best of my ability, I participate in the financing and refinancing of microcredits
for people based mainly in emerging countries
to enable them to create and develop their activities
(village shop, taxi, rent a farm field, etc. ...).
I said that this is a philanthropic and I do not earn interest.
If you are interested and want to participate
with me,
you can contact me
in back :

Some examples of small businesses that I have been able to finance all or part

Development of a grocery store in Cambodia

Development of a sewing workshop in Peru

Development of a farm in the Philippines


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