The Seigniory and County of Argenteuil
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The Pact of Friendship (Burgundy - Quebec)
The County of Argenteuil's Coat of Arms

The Count of Argenteuil's personal Coat of Arms
The Barony of Grenville in Quebec

The feudal barony of Crandon (Somerset)

The library of the Count of Argenteuil (1545 -> 1937)
27 ancient books in French on Quebec and Canada
9 ancient books in English on Quebec and Canada

Grenville and Argenteuil Museum
Museum of Grenville's Baron,
Dropmore House - the house of Lord Grenville,
the collection of Count of Argenteuil,
the American indians of the Argenteuil aera,
and my collection of antique coins

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Origin of the connections in website of the Count

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